When i was coming from home to the grand conference FOSS.IN ( free and open source India level) I was excited initially, but after coming here (Bangalore) attending the first talk i loss ma patience. The only benefit from this i got  is excellent food, got adapted to live in low temperature region. I Came to attend the FOSS conference with my friends and we are staying at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Bangalore campus. i used to have food from our campus, they provide the best food in affordable price. i was shocked only 15.Rs for a breakfast and Dinner. if u want to have food from any hotels in the Bangalore u should pay at least 30.Rs. So i should thank Amrita School of engineering, Bangalore.

On the first day, i attended every talks that happened in the auditorium, but i was not able to understand anything, the best thing i liked was the delicious food that i got from there, i had chapatis, rice and jalebi. The main thing that i never forget about FOSS.IN is the temperature inside the auditorium, it was too cool below 20 C, it was not reliable for me as i don’t like very low temperature.

The 2nd day was fascinating, we had the confidence about what we gonna do on that day! we eagerly attended the morning session. We left the convention center after that and went to Brand Factory and had some fun there….

3rd day was my favorite day, we became crazy and we went for a movie 2012, it was an awesome movie, best movie i have ever seen in ma life, then we went to convention center only for lunch, then we went to Lal Bagh which is the most beautiful place in the Bangalore. I never thought that in the middle of the huge city how a huge beautiful garden came!! As I am a Malaya-lee i got embarrassed that we don’t have any beautiful places like this.

The 4th day was good, we attended the morning session, there was talk by Anant Narayanan, he is working in mozilla,  that was one of the good talk in the whole FOSS.IN events. And after the fantastic karnataka lunch we went to a museum, sorry i can’t remember the name of that museum but it was superb except a 3D movie theater, that was horrible, there were many exciting science related equipments kept for exhibition, those were amazing!!

The final day 5th day was exciting, initially we thought to go for a boat ride, but one of my friend regret to go so we didn’t go. The first talk was from Santhosh Thottingal, about SMC (Swatantra Malayalam Computing) that was superb, he did well even though he had language problems. on 6th december we left from the Garden city of India.


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