aircelgprs in ubuntu

if ur not able to connect aircelgprs to ubuntu here is an easy way to connect

Go to Main menu -> Settings -> connectivity -> Packet Data . Make Packet Data connection to “When needed”.

Then open the Packet Data settings

You can see two options Active access point make it “Access point 1

Then Open Edit active access pt

You can see two options

Alias for access point, make it “Access point 1”

Open the Packet data access point below that and type that “aircelgprs”.

After this go to Main menu -> web -> websettings -> Congifuration settings.

Make Account as “Aircel Online”.

(The Cell phone i used was Nokia 7210, it may vary in other company’s cell phone).

Connect your phone with data cable. Ubuntu 9.10 will automatically detects the phone. and “New Mobile Broadband Connection” window pop-ups.

Click ‘forward’.

Select the country and click  ‘forward’

Then select ” I can’t find my provider and I wish to enter it manually” and type provider name as “AIRCEL”

Click ‘forward’

Type in ‘Selected plan APN (Access point name):’   “aircelgprs”.

Then “Apply” ‘Editing AIRCEL Connection’  will pop-up, Select  ‘IPv4’  tab.

In that select  ‘Method’ and  Select ”Automatic (PPP) addressessonly”

Then type in ‘DNS Servers’ box  “,”



Now you can connect via Aircel GPRS in Ubuntu.

Please type Access point name and DNS Servers correctly without thedouble qoutes (“).

If you have bluetooth device in your cell phone. Then it is very simple to connect to mobile broadband.

just turn on the bluetooth in your cell. Then in the panel if the Bluetooth icon is there right click on that icon and open “Setup a New Device” from that list. click on “Forward” button, then the system will search for any devices, after that you can see your cell phone’s bluetooth device name in that inquiry device list. select that and click “Forward” its done.

In the panel you can find a network manager icon. click on that and u can see the mobile broadband’s name below your cellphone’s name.

click on that now you may be able to connect to internet.


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