Diwali celebration at cochin

The most colorful event of the year just passed away….

It was very exciting for me to be a part of the festival, I woke up in the morning at 3.30, and went to temple at 5, The temple was crowded, and crackers were booming every where, kids were in the ulkmountain of joy and happiness. The Aarti (which lightfrom wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more dieties) was started at 6AM and went upto 7.30. Many people were there inside the Nallambalam ( the place where the the deity is kept). Diwali marks the Return of Lord Rama to Ayodya after Defeating Ravana. The Aarti in our temple is a special one compared to normal one, it is made with grinned rice paste  in which a cotton wick is kept at the center. After performing Aarti it is kept in a line and hence it is name as Deepavali (“Deepam” means light and “aavali” means line).

It is considered that  lord Vishnu from Vijaydashmi to Uttan Dwadasha exists with his wife  Tulsi (Mahalakshmi). So active group in cochin GSB TTB ( Tulasi Thara Brothers) decorated the Tulsi Thara ( a base in which Tulsi is planted) in an excellent way.

People (Hindus) celebrate Diwali with Rangoli (fine grinned sand particles are used to paint floors), So a big sand paint was there in front of the temple. There is also another active group in the temple who express their divinity to god in the form of hard work they are Sevanam. I am also a member of Sevanam.

please comment on this such that i can improve my language??


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