Tux Paint experience

The experience i got while working on tux paint was awesome! Tux paint is a painting program for kids. It is build using c programing. It took a long 4 weeks for me to install tux paint from source. I have already posted how to install tux paint from source code (see : Tux paint installation ). I have fixed 5 bugs in tux paint. Well no-one reviewed till date. I hope it will be reviewed soon. I fixed similar types of 5 bugs which include the full screen mode of chalk, emboss, cartoon tools etc. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for the newbies. Just beat around with such very small applications to get a smart kick off into contributions. When i was contributing for the 1st time, it was really hard for me to get a good start and concentration to work on it. Arvind, my friend was always there for any support any time. The pleasure i got when i fixed first bug cannot be expressed in words. Then it took only 2 days for me to fix the next 4 bugs. Making the right contributions at the right time will make a break through in every one’s career.


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