Migrated to Kubuntu

Kubuntu 11.04 had been released in the last month. I have been using it since. I found it  as very interesting because of its wide variety of applications. The default window manager KWIN is capable of producing visual effects without installing extra packages. Ubuntu cannot withheld some of the features of Kubuntu. Kubuntu is user friendly than Ubuntu. The problem regarding with Kubuntu : some time it crashes!  Just after installation, it crashed. Ubuntu never crashed in my system! KWIN (Default window manger in Kubuntu) has so many bugs and its time for the newbies to prove themselves – what they are by fixing some bugs! The desktop cube effect is pretty good when compared to the compiz desktop cube of Ubuntu. Widgets are one of the attractive features of the KDE. I am using folder view, face book, analog clock widgets. Mobile view of Face book can be available through Facebook widget. The default video player is dragon player, well i don’t like it at all. I am a hardcore fan of VLC. The default audio player is my favorite: Amarok, It might be one of the reason to migrate to Kubuntu. Amarok works pretty well in Kubuntu (It never worked in Ubuntu).
Look and performance: 8/10.
Stability: 7/10.


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