SoK Project – Collage creator Tool (KIPI Plugin)

Being not selected for Google Summer of Code, i was desperately in search of projects and delightedly i came across Lydia Pintscher’s Blog. I got amazed! On the very next day i found this wonderful topic and also a mentor (Aurelien Gateau, Developer – Gwenview) turned up, showing his willingness to mentor me for SoK.

Short description: People want to capture all the happiest moment in their life in photos. With the advent of camera, more and more people capture photos and combine them later into a collage. The goal of this project is to use Gwenview to generate collage. Being a light weight image application, this collage creator would be an excellent addition to it.

Proposal Title: Collage creator tool for Gwenview

Motivation for Proposal / Goal:
I came across about this application this summer when I used it to view images. A light weight image editing application, it neither consumes resources nor has crashed till now, unlike most image editors I’ve used.  However, Gwen-view editor doesn’t have powerful tools.
The experience I got while working on Tux Paint a simple painting application for kids) was awesome. I fixed few bugs in image manipulation.  When i went through the ideas of DigiKam (also applicable for Gwen-view) and found this idea, I was immediately attracted to it. This tool will be useful for users who want to create collage lightning fast. My goal is to empower Gwenview’s capabilities by implementing Collage creator  tool.

Implementation Details:

Main Feature: Photos can be added into the workspace by dragging photos from the file browser. Collage workspace will be open in a new window.

–===Features of collage creator===–

1. Resize photos
Current resize have only the feature of entering the pixel values in a dialog box. Resizing photos using the mouse would a user friendly feature and very essential in collages.

2. Rotate
Currently rotate left and rotate right facilities are there but in collages, user might need to rotate it by angles other than 90 degrees. So this needs to be introduced in addition to the existing rotation.

3. Change background
User can set an image as a background. Fill and gradient tool will be introduced as a part of this.

4. Photo frame editor
After dragging an image into the workspace the user will be able to add frame/border. Standard templates can be used as photo frame editor-these will be included by default. In addition, user can download templates and install them

5. Add text 
Currently there isn’t any way to add text in images. Text is an essential part of a collage. This tool is not only for collage workspace but also for general purpose in Gwenview.

6. Brightness/contrast/gamma tool
This Tool to be introduced for the general purpose and also as a part of collage workspace. Famous editors like gimp, photo-shop has brightness/contrast/gamma tools. This tool is really essential for an image editor. Collage will not look good if images in it have different brightness/contrast/gamma. This tool will satisfy such constraints.

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