Software Freedom Day celebration at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus

FOSS club at Amritapuri celebrated Software Freedom Day on 17th September. I’ve organized the whole event with the support of my colleagues. 30+ students gathered at the conference room at 10.30 AM. The morning session started of with a talk by Dr. Raj Mohan, professor Dept of Physics, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus. He shared his FOSS experience to all the students who were there. The session was very informative. A broad idea about many open source alternatives property software was given by him. He advised to read articles written by Richard Stallman. Then he explained in depth about the various flavors of Linux, some of them being Debian Linux, Red-hat Linux, Scientific Linux, Poseidon Linux, and Security Enhanced Linux(SEL). Some of the other topics that he discussed was Aruduino/Freeduino(easy to use software/hardware), PUIAS(Princeton University for Instant Advanced Studies), FERMILAB, CLUSTERS,etc.. He also talked about various topics which is related to FOSS like Robotics(about NAO ROBOTS – a French Company), Embedded Systems, Scientific Python and Numeric Python.

   This session was followed by a skype Session with Avinash Joshi Amrita alumni, who is pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at University of Texas, Dallas, United States of America. Avinash was an active FOSS club member at Amritapuri campus. His Open Source contributions are well known to the world. It was an interactive session. Students clarified their doubts regarding the higher studies. The session was very informative. Students inquired him about the BIOS Team, of which he was a part. Since they were not aware about BIOS, he had a tough time in explaining it. He gave them tips regarding the GRE preparation. He also encouraged students to prepare their resume and Statement of Purpose immediately and not to wait till final year.The morning sessions concluded with this.

   Afternoon sessions was held in the first floor lab. Presentation skills of the students were tested. Most of them did well. The theme for the Presentation was “How FOSS club improved my skills”. Aravind S Raj of S7 CSE was the judge, he gave concise feedbacks and also advices to improve their presentation skills. FOSS club took the initiative to organize a competition where students who are making the best presentation will be awarded. This proves that FOSS club is not only restricted to technology enhancement but also to various fields. The mission of our club is to sharpen the students capability by introducing various activities.

  Movie screening began at 5.30 pm in the evening at Conference room, two movies Sintel and Big Buck Bunny were screened. The movies were made in an Open Source Software called Blender. The refreshments were provided during the movie screening.  The final session was totally fun packed. After a lot of contemplation everyone decided to play “Twenty Questions”. The club members were divided into two groups. One team was supposed to think of a personality and the other team was supposed to guess the name of the pesonality with the aid of twenty questions. The SFD celebration ended with photo session.



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