Sample vimrc and gdbinit file

As I don’t keep any backup of vimrc and gdbinit files before the installation of new version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu, I always have to search in the internet for a sample files. So I thought from next time onwards I should make my life much more simpler i.e I should have it in a safe place => my blog! This is the vimrc file which I always use:

" vim configuration file

" the following line sets tabs to 4 spaces.
set ts=4

" the following line adds line number to the text.
set number

" the following line activates the syntax highlighting.
syntax on

" the following line says to vim to highlight the searched words.
set hlsearch

" the following line says to vim to execute incremental search.
set incsearch

" the following line enables the use of the mouse.
set mouse=a

" make searches case insensitive
set ignorecase

" i don't use autoindent, but here's how to configure it:
set autoindent

" To automatically indent braces
set cindent

" show the editing mode on the last line
set showmode

" To indent four spaces (instead of one tab of 8 spaces)
set shiftwidth=4 

This is the gdbinit file

set print demangle on
set demangle-style auto
set verbose on 
set complaints 1000 
set language c++ 
set print vtbl on 
set print object on 
set print sym on 
set print pretty on 
disp /i $rip
define pst 
set $pos=&$arg0 
set $strlen = {byte}$pos 
print {char}&$$strlen+1) 
document pst 
 Print out a Pascal string 

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