Gandhi – The psuedo priest of non-violence

Barrister Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (a Mahatma for many), is not officially the father of our nation. He is well known for  serving our nation and humanity. Did he really serve our nation in a secular way? All his followers call him the priest of non-violence and call him Mahatma Gandhi, who never supported any type of violence but none of them dare to see the real face of the fake Mahatma which is so cruel and unusual (from such a great person). It needs a great courage to face the reality – the reality that Gandhi was the leader of first massacre/genocide of 20th century.

There’s another massacre happened in 1919 other than Jallianwala Bagh, the books of history (as all of them are written by communists ) called this khilafat movement , and the same books say that khilafat movement was rise of nationalism in which both Hindus and Muslims have participated with full zeal but none of those books talks about that how a matter of foreign country and the struggle for power in a very far situated country can be rise of nationalism . In fact, Kahilafat movement was a pure communal movement by Islamic Extremist which was driven by the spirit of Muslims that there are only two nation, one is Islamic world and another is non-Islamic (Kafirs). All the Muslims had seen the post-Kalifa as an attack of non-Islamic world on Islamic world. Khilafat movement was a fight by Islamic extremist against Non-Muslims in India. In the beginning, Ali brothers were the leader of this Jihad.

M.K Gandhi, who was leading congress at that time had supported this Khilafat movement. From the day on which it was started, the Khilafat movement was very a violent movement. The priest of non-violence said Mahatma Gandhi (the same person who had withdrawn his movement because of killing some policeman at ‘chauree chaura‘, said that India is not good enough to get freedom) had declared his support to this violence movement (at that time support of Gandhi means the support of the congress party). From the beginning of the Khilafat movement, there were riots against Hindus and support from Gandhi made this movement large and powerful.

Due to ambition (or some other hidden reasons) of being the biggest leader of India, Gandhi the priest of non-violence had not only supported this massacre but also lead this movement such that he could make the minority Muslims in India happy. This is not the only bad thing he did, when Ali brothers invited the ruler of Afghanistan to attack on India, M K Gandhi said that “If some external power attacks on India to protect the reputation of Islam and gives justice to Muslims, then even if I don’t support him directly, my moral support will be with him” (Gandhi entire Angmay – 17.527-528). From this it is very clear that an external attack cannot be non-violent and if it is an Islamic attack (massacre) on non-Islamic people, it can be justified for a good cause.

Despite of all these, when Khilafat movement ended up in failure, Muslims started killing Hindus as a way of showing their anger. Malabar region in Kerala was mostly affected by the same.

Now it’s time that we have to re-think about the current status of our country – pseudo-secular (which was started by M.K Gandhi after the partition). If it was a pure a secular country, then everyone (including Hindus, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Muslims) would have got equal rights. Muslims in India are taking the advantage of being the minority religion. They have been given extra privileges, grants, subsidies (Hajj pilgrims are given subsides even though government is not getting any benefit from it., Whereas there are several Hindu temples which are under the control of government from where they only loot the money doesn’t pay back anything in return, neither for the temple nor for the welfare of the devotees) and even the government is going to open a special court for the expeditious trial of these Muslim youths who are getting arrested for terrorist activities in-order to prove their innocence (not everyone is a terrorist, I admit that truth). I admit that there are many good (patriotic) Muslims in India, but there are many who wants to change our secular country into an Islamic Nation. Indeed they want to make all the non-Islamic countries into  Islamic nations, that’s why they are unhappy in countries where they are minority (like India, US, France etc).

One question which always haunted me after watching the movie Hey ram was whether should we still call him (M.K Gandhi) as the priest of non-violence, father of nation etc. If we call him with those names, it would be an injustice and insult to the real patriotic hero’s in our country like Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose etc, who were stamped as the war criminals by the current Gandhi family (Nehru and his successors).




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